my first set of poster experiments, at this point I’m panicking because i don’t think i have i have anything useful out of ALL the things i made. I’m considering making new things but i don’t think i have the time. i had absolutely no idea how to start an object and just went with the first thing i slapped onto the page. however, i found the critique extremely helpful, specially the one with our peers where we were exchanging ideas and discussing what would make the posters better. that was exactly the kind of inspiration i was looking for to make my poster mean something and make sense. some of the tips i received were:

  • try to use a plain background.
  • combine some elements to create an interesting shape.
  • try to make some of the symbols into actual physical things and take a picture of that.
  • maybe use more text.
  • some of the pictures are not working so maybe you can change that.

poster stuff١

this was my second poster experiment, to honest i was quite proud of this one, i thought i had it all figured out. unfortunately i did not get any feedback on it, so i had tactually use other peoples points on my own poster. also this was the point where i wanted to actually use the feedback i got on our first project. because by the end of the day i was able to(sort of) pinpoint everything that was off with my poster. except i was too scared to remove some elements that i really liked. so i thought i could fix it by not changing much at all.poster stuff3

it ended up being completely atrocious. i had no idea how to fix it. i spent a long time  not knowing where to go with it. but instead of getting more nervous i just put it away to work on later,


this is the end result. well, not really. but honestly i have no idea how i came up with it. it was the result of me opening my laptop at 12 a.m. and just doing something. but i tried to use everything i used previously so its not like i just came up with something on the spot. the feedback i got on this is going to be very helpful in making my final poster

  • the shade of pink is not working
  • the cage image is too abstract
  • no communication, the space is too empty
  • the position of the text is awkward
  • placement of frame
  • the symbol placement
  • make the two symbol aligned
  • the map path and the eye
  • more contrast with the frame
  • random placement of image
  • the scale of things




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