poster stuff١١.jpg

this was my final “draft” poster before the actual final one. i can clearly see the mistakes because it was actually very difficult to refine from what i had the last time. personally i had no idea what to do so i just followed the tips given from previous critiques. but that was still not working as i could not connect the objects i had before together better. so i ended up removing a lot of the objects and work only on things that i wanted to show. after i did that i felt i could actually breath while looking at the poster. it was easier from then on, but i can still see how i ended up centering everything. even though it was exactly the opposite of what i was going for, the Quran text is also almost invisible because i did not change it to another color. and the color in the symbol did not match the overall hue of blue. it was a tragedy but i can finally pinpoint exactly what i need to fix.


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