i started my research focused on the mythology of Ireland and Qatar. then somehow combining them in an illustration. however as i went deeper into my research i sort of got into the legends of Finn McCool who was a legendary Irish warrior. thats when i started decided on working with war costume illustrations.

it was interesting to read about their legend but i found myself more caught up in designing the clothes the characters wore. however, i found myself at loss when i kept trying to put everything i learned in one illustration. thats why i took the suggestion of splitting them into three different outfits. each representing a different standing in an army. like an admiral, general and a foot soldier. as i started working more on the first character i found myself building a sort of place for that character in my head. but i didn’t think to do anything about it until i saw a seniors work. then i took another suggestion of creating nine characters instead of three, it sounded very tedious. but then i remembered that i can add characters that i have created before from a story that is similar to the context of the soldier i created. therefore i can help to bring them from my head to actual life. i think thats what pushed me to actually add every detail of each character that i had.


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