i had an almost difficult time making a sentence using the words below, i was looking forward to something more interesting than obnoxious doors and scorched recipes. however, the most challenging part for me was not making the sentenced but the actual compositions. i set myself a goal to mostly try to break up the way to “traditionally” read a sentenced. while keeping the design creative.



everywhere: كل مكان

always: دائماً

backdoor: الباب الخلفي

recipe: وصفة

grapple: تعارك، تصارع، امسك

scorch: شوط، لذع، حرق

obnoxious: ، بغيض،مغث، يلوع الجبد

ill-tempered: سيئ الزاج

the ill tempered backdoor always obnoxiously grapples the scorched recipe everywhere.

an obnoxious recipe always scorched the ill tempered grappling backdoor everywhere.

everywhere the obnoxious grappling backdoor always scorches the ill tempered recipe.

surprisingly, the ill tempered recipe always grapples the obnoxious scorched backdoor everywhere!

according to the ill tempered backdoor, the scorched recipe always obnoxiously grappled everything, everywhere!

وفقاً للباب الخلفي ذو المزاج السئ دائماً، الوصفة المحروقة تتعارك ببغض مع كل شيء، في كل مكان!


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