this is a table a created during the class where we were introduced to the project. i think trying to find three activities for a certain audience was pretty difficult. especially since i wasn’t even that sure of what we were doing.

in the end i chose to go with a ” don’t eat the ducks in the park” sort of sign. my main audience is the foreigners in european countries. people who are not aware that it is not acceptable to take one of the parks ducks and kill it then cook it. even though that seems like an obvious thing to know an incident did happen a year back. when people of an arabic country filmed themselves cooking one of the parks ducks. you can find the article here:


in the beginning when i thought we had to make “street signs” i was still struggling with HOW I’m going to represent a duck being stolen and then cooked. then i went with the approach of DONT eat the duck. however i still had the issue of audience. most of my signs were global and too abstract to understand by them. i tried to narrow down the meaning to certain actions that represents “eating” and “stealing” and i also tried represent “cooking.”


then i started to try to explore the categories of concrete, abstract, vernacular, global and local. however in my head i could clearly understand how well i made these and how easily i understood them. but after a critique it was hinted that what I’m doing might not be as clear as i thought it was, but instead of wasting time trying to find even more ways to represent a duck being eaten i decided to refine everything instead.


after refining one of them i tried to experiment with more “realistic” settings. but even that came out very abstract. unfortunately due to time limits i was unable to get feedback on the refined one and the experiment i did.


my attempts at making my refined sign more global and local.


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