M&P group process (3)

we met up this Saturday to put everything together. however everyone was quite anxious so we ended up worrying a lot of the time. it was unexpected but we were still working on developing the script. especially because a lot of the original word and phrases are to big for how simple we wanted it to be. we also mostly finished the actual space. we just didn’t practice enough by then..

on Sunday we decides to take advantage of the entire day to rehearse our scene. it had reached the point where we kept printing a new edited script every hour it was quite tedious but its amazing how determined everyone was to do their best.

on the day of the presentation we decided to come early to rehearse even more and ass final touches (like the broken cup and the overly organized desk)

even if in the end we messed up a little i am so happy with how we have done. we have worked so hard and accomplished so much in the past three weeks than we ever expected to do in these eight minutes. i am just glad that we had fun with it instead of freaking out and trying to make it bigger than it should be.


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