Type poster process

my first attempt at putting everything together:


the first thing i noticed after printing was that white type is not working on the “backyard” that i chose, another obvious thing was that the type size is way to big for what should be an A1 poster…

then the professors gave me a few suggestions on where i could put the text and i realized that the pink blanket is a really nice place to put type(with a box)


this was my tiled poster attempt. i wanted to make my type flow with the drapery of the blanket. for the logo i tried to follow what was told to my classmates and aligned it with the crochet hook.

it was pointed out then that the text is not actually with the drapery and that the logo would look better in a higher contrasted place. i also noticed that i ended up putting everything on the bottom of the poster so i wanted to diverge from that.


for my final poster i fixed the “going with the grain” thing and placed my logo in the darkest place on the picture. i also tried to balance it with the yarn ball by placing the rest of the type on the right of it instead of the left. because when i tried it on the left it looked too “tucked in”.


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