Kinetic Type #2

I didn’t feel comfortable with the list of speeches I found and the only one I wanted to do (kill bill 2- Superman and Spiderman) is easily 2 mins long.

I realized that I know a couple of video games speeches but none of them was longer than 45 secs. however, I remembered an older video game called Far Cry 3 which has an iconic cutscene called the “definition of insanity.” which I really liked.

I also remembered all the iconic joker quotes and dialogues but almost all the good ones are under one minute. so I went to the next best thing which is Alfred’s speech “some men just want to watch the world burn” which I was also hyped about.

I couldn’t decide about between these two so I decided to experiment with the two.

in the end, I found that I was really into making the “definition of insanity” because I had a way clearer idea of what it would look like. I made a really rough storyboard with the major animations in the piece where I would just wing the stuff in between.


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