Zine – #2

I went with the dragon idea because it was the one I felt I can do the most with. I started by using pencil sketches and watercolor for the first few spreads. the feedback I on from them was:

– it needs to be more spontaneous.

– each spread should look like a different thing (forget grids)

I got a couple of articles that I wanted to use but I couldn’t decide whether i wanted to do a comparison between eastern and western dragons or whether i should give a mention to popular dragons that appear in media.

when I actually started composing the zine I realized that I could be general and do ‘Dragons’ because that is the core of my interest in them.

It occurred to me that if I make a book on dragons then it shouldn’t really be as cutesy as I was making it. so I ditched the pencil sketches and watercolor for dark textured paper (dragon skin) and picked a fierce color (red) to help with the visuals I wanted to emulate.

I also wanted a good texture to use so I created scales out of a holographic ribbon (took me 4 hours to assemble)




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