Imaging 1

i started my research focused on the mythology of Ireland and Qatar. then somehow combining them in an illustration. however as i went deeper into my research i sort of got into the legends of Finn McCool who was a legendary Irish warrior. thats when i started decided on working with war costume illustrations.

it was interesting to read about their legend but i found myself more caught up in designing the clothes the characters wore. however, i found myself at loss when i kept trying to put everything i learned in one illustration. thats why i took the suggestion of splitting them into three different outfits. each representing a different standing in an army. like an admiral, general and a foot soldier. as i started working more on the first character i found myself building a sort of place for that character in my head. but i didn’t think to do anything about it until i saw a seniors work. then i took another suggestion of creating nine characters instead of three, it sounded very tedious. but then i remembered that i can add characters that i have created before from a story that is similar to the context of the soldier i created. therefore i can help to bring them from my head to actual life. i think thats what pushed me to actually add every detail of each character that i had.



i used this chart to organize the info i found in my research.

my countries were so different that i almost didn’t find any similarities between them the only similarity i found is between Ireland and Russia where Russians are known for drinking vodka where Irish people were known for drinking in general.


some of the pictures i gathered for my research:




a) this is an international straightforward pictogram

the symbol is of a man and a woman separated by a line

its the universal signs for toilets

b) 40%persuasive


60% pragmatic

c) the image is international and could be found everywhere

it indicates that a toilet is nearby in public spaces so that foreigners would understand



a) its a interpretation depended pictogram/emoji

the content is a yellow face with a smirk

it indicates smugness or being sly

b) 0% persuasive

60% poetic


c) its also an international symbol

its use depends on how the user interprets the emoticon. either be it a smile or a smirk

image 1

a) an old black and white photograph

the view of a lake and a cabin

capturing the reflection in the water

b)0% persuasive

50% poetic

50% pragmatic

c) the picture is from bronxville NY

maybe it was for a news story or a magazine


image 2

a)a colorful digital image

the content is a waffle covered in chocolate and berries

the image is meant to showcase the alluring sight of the dessert

b) 60% persuasive


35% pragmatic

c) the photo is from a shop called “khanfaroosh” in souq al wakrah

the photo was taken a san advertisement of a new dish


memes( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

image 1

a) seems to be a text/pic sort of meme

the content is of a popular anime of the 90’s

its a sarcastic joke

b) 0% persuasive


1% pragmatic

c) this is very new meme

posted by a random user on reddit

the purpose of this is to mock reality but instead it comes across as humor


image 2

a) seems to be another text/pic sort of meme

the content is a picture from the cartoon Arthur with a short dialogue.

the picture shows how one cannot resist take out food

b) 23% persuasive


25% pragmatic

d) memes are always new (oldest ones come from 2011)

it comes from the internet (and reddit)

its something that is very relatable which is why it is shared so much



image 1

a)a professional made vector pattern

small colorful boxes

very decorative and simple

b) 11% persuasive

39% poetic

50% pragmatic

c) seems to be very modern

it doesn’t seem to belong in a specific location

created for decorative purposes


image 2

a) a square pattern

maroon and white colored swirls against a black background.

the colors of the swirls represent the Qatari flag colors

b) %15 persuasive


56% pragmatic

c) seems to be limited to Qatari culture

it was made to fit a specification for a project (with lots of creative personal tweaks)

fairly modern from April of this year




image 1

a) the image is a digital painting that show great skill

the content is Sherlock Holmes playing the violin.

the title of the piece is “virtuoso”.

b) 25% persuasive

65% poetic

10% pragmatic

c) its by the artist alicexz

the painting seems to target sherlock holmes’s fans and any other people with an appreciation of art.

its a fairly modern piece from 2011


image 2

a) the image is a digital sketch of a beginner artist

a lady with a symbolic haircut looking away from the viewer

a deliberate angle to emphasize the haircut

b) 0% persuasive



c) it came from my study folder

its a quick practice of form (and the weird haircut)

there was never an audience intended

its from last month

its a process image of personal work