Imaging 1

type as image

1st image

a) the image is a type relief, its the sign of a shop from the 1898, the shops name is “butler”.

b)45% persuasive

5% poetic

50% pragmatic

c)location: syracuse, New York

from the late 19th century

it seems to advertise the store

its interesting to see these kinds of things from over a century ago


2nd image

a) photographed type, handmade.

the image seems to be of the word “Helvetica” but with different mark making and illustrations between the letters.

it seems very playful and experimental.

b) 0% persuasive

50% poetic

50% pragmatic

c) seems like its from everywhere but mainly focused around Europe.

modern 2000s

its a very interesting way of looking at type.

the artist is oded ezer.