Type poster process

my first attempt at putting everything together:


the first thing i noticed after printing was that white type is not working on the “backyard” that i chose, another obvious thing was that the type size is way to big for what should be an A1 poster…

then the professors gave me a few suggestions on where i could put the text and i realized that the pink blanket is a really nice place to put type(with a box)


this was my tiled poster attempt. i wanted to make my type flow with the drapery of the blanket. for the logo i tried to follow what was told to my classmates and aligned it with the crochet hook.

it was pointed out then that the text is not actually with the drapery and that the logo would look better in a higher contrasted place. i also noticed that i ended up putting everything on the bottom of the poster so i wanted to diverge from that.


for my final poster i fixed the “going with the grain” thing and placed my logo in the darkest place on the picture. i also tried to balance it with the yarn ball by placing the rest of the type on the right of it instead of the left. because when i tried it on the left it looked too “tucked in”.


M&P Process (3)

to support some of the things we are writing into the script we have researched a few titles such as:

  • what drugs cause dizziness
  • does antidepressants cause vertigo
  • victim profiling (worst thing ever)
  • victim profile
  • sleeping pills overdose
  • antidepressant overdose
  • defining characteristics of a person (useless)
  • character specific traits (again nothing)

I’m surprised the police haven’t come around yet.


M&P group process (2)

we came up with several routes for the story to take. i think we might go with having the people come into the room and go around the table trying to figure out the clues that lead up to the murder. Amal suggested we use sectioned board where each part leads to a different room. but we still have to finish the story.

this is something we keep doing.. which is forget about the current issue and thing ahead to the production instead of focusing on building a good storyline to follow.. we didn’t even divide who the murderer should be yet and w are stuck between her husband, a student or even that its a suicide that looked like a murder..

M&P-group process (1)

in our meeting we decided to combine some of our ideas. Samia watched the movie of sherlock to better understand the concept of deduction. so she came with ideas for clues in a crime scene. sara(god bless her) came up with an entire story for a murder scene investigation. me and amal had went to an adventure rooms thing on saturday so amal came up with the idea to make a puzzle where the space is littered with small clues that builds a bigger thing(which would be the answer)

this is sara’s original story:

Professor Gunders Is a professor in psychology , she’s 43 years old. She maintains decent health , although it as been reported that she has been suffering from mild vertigo in the last couple of months. She went through a rough divorce 4 years ago, reasons of the divorce remain unknown. Her children have not returned her calls in a long time. Gossip in her workplace suggest that it could be infidelity on her part. In university she is known to be a strict grader and professor. Some alumni from the college she works at still hold a strong grudge against her. She was found dead in her bathtub , with her wrist cut as she blood to death.

Notable clues:

– There are signs of chloroform around her lips.
– Her phone suggested that she was expecting a date at the same evening that she died.
– The autopsy suggests her vertigo was induced by pharmaceutical drugs, possibly blood pressure pills (despite that her blood pressure was normal prior to her death).
Murder ending :

if professor died class gets an A

the victim left handed = but the cut is also in her left hand

the cut in the right hand to think it’s a suicide but the direction of the knife it’s different .

but it makes the killer is left handed looking at the bathroom platform . the killer will rest her body in his left arm .

3 students lost their scholarship . all of the three emailed the professor begging her to fix their grades .

During the time of murder .

one is left handed and was doing an exam . ( exam was cancelled )
one is injured , working on the project
one was sick in the hospital

so then we started combining the idea and settled with creating the desk of the victim in sara’s story. where we would create a series of clues that lead to the killer.

we needed to rewrite the story to be good enough since we are trying to measure up to Arthur Conan Doyle. so we did a bit of research into detective riddles and actual real life murders. i suggested for them to watch a channel on youtube called “Rob Dyke” who is a guy who has a horror series called “serial killer files” where he talks about actual murderers (caught or not) without showing any gruesome images. but then sara got dizzy just thinking about it…

we went through these riddles below together to try to figure it out (we couldn’t) just to give us an idea on where to start…


I’m going to try and go forward with the idea of crocheting my word. i was thinking about the context and seeing how the word i picked is” fleeting” i was thinking of either using the surface of an old couch or as scratched up wooden surface. maybe do what was suggested and use another crochet unraveling baby blanket.



a) this is an international straightforward pictogram

the symbol is of a man and a woman separated by a line

its the universal signs for toilets

b) 40%persuasive


60% pragmatic

c) the image is international and could be found everywhere

it indicates that a toilet is nearby in public spaces so that foreigners would understand



a) its a interpretation depended pictogram/emoji

the content is a yellow face with a smirk

it indicates smugness or being sly

b) 0% persuasive

60% poetic


c) its also an international symbol

its use depends on how the user interprets the emoticon. either be it a smile or a smirk