Intermission #3

as I decided to go with the “make it up as you go” approach I continued working on it, I used the feedback I got from the first showing to stick with the theme of “hats” and “loops” and I ran into a couple of blocks. especially when I finished an animation (or character arc) and tried to come up with the next thing without forcing myself to plan it out. the thing that helped me the most with making it was not thinking about it and just doing it.

I kept running into many problems when I tried to export my animation, it turned out that I made the entire thing with a 14 fps while it exported into 24 fps, which made the video a bit longer and made the animation kind of jerky and bad. when I uploaded it into premiere I tried making the speed 114% faster which trimmed back the video to its original length but the animation didn’t look as smooth as it was on my iPad. if I wanted to get better export options I would have had to subscribe to the app to get the full features which I didn’t want to do, so I stuck with my limitations.



Intermission #2

I came up with 2 storyboards i can go with, but when i started an experimental animation I decided to stick with it, compared to the storyboards which were calculated and planned out, the “make it up as I go” animation was a lot more interesting and had way more character than the storyboards.


the first storyboard I wanted to go with was a scene of windy hills and add a sense of fantasy to it, it was really vague with minimum thought put in it.

the second storyboard I wanted to do an abstract moving shape, which is the most boring idea ever, it was because I knew that actual animating was gonna take up a lot of time and effort. so I came up with something that might have looked cool but didn’t take much effort.


Intermission #1

for my 30  sec video I knew I wanted to do something with animation, as a kid I had a program called “flip note” on my DS which I used to learn and make animations.

I do not have an idea beyond this, at this point of the semester I found it difficult to have inspiration on what I want to do, so I wanted to do something I thought I would have fun with.

I only have examples of these animations from youtube or other artists who dabbled in animation.


Zine – #2

I went with the dragon idea because it was the one I felt I can do the most with. I started by using pencil sketches and watercolor for the first few spreads. the feedback I on from them was:

– it needs to be more spontaneous.

– each spread should look like a different thing (forget grids)

I got a couple of articles that I wanted to use but I couldn’t decide whether i wanted to do a comparison between eastern and western dragons or whether i should give a mention to popular dragons that appear in media.

when I actually started composing the zine I realized that I could be general and do ‘Dragons’ because that is the core of my interest in them.

It occurred to me that if I make a book on dragons then it shouldn’t really be as cutesy as I was making it. so I ditched the pencil sketches and watercolor for dark textured paper (dragon skin) and picked a fierce color (red) to help with the visuals I wanted to emulate.

I also wanted a good texture to use so I created scales out of a holographic ribbon (took me 4 hours to assemble)



Zine – #1

after spending the longest time trying to come up with topics I would be interested in I finally ended up with 3 potential topics.

  • Evolution of drawing(mine)
  • Making comics
  • Collecting manga I didn’t find myself interested in any of these to be honest so I came up with two other options that I feel are much more interesting.


  • Animals that came back from the brink of extinction
  • Dragons (eastern-western)

as for research, for the animals, I found a few articles listing a few animals and I found an article about a place called Al Wabra in Qatar where they successfully bred a species of the macaw parrot that almost went extinct. they are also homing other animals and using resources to gather information in order to understand the mating process and genetics in order to help other species on the brink of extinction.





Kinetic Type – Final

I found that my video took many turns until it arrived in its final version. I think what really helped me was me spending a long time learning the camera and using 3D layers to make the movements in the text. By the end, I had a completely different start than the end, so I had to go back and turn the simpler animations I had and group it into the overall movements of the video. I believe that I really gave it my all on this project and I really enjoyed making the video(despite the frustration of the process.)

I had to abandon my storyboard (mostly) in the middle of the project only because as I was making it, everything was coming together without it. However, I still did use some of the main animations that I wanted to do.

Kinetic Type #2

I didn’t feel comfortable with the list of speeches I found and the only one I wanted to do (kill bill 2- Superman and Spiderman) is easily 2 mins long.

I realized that I know a couple of video games speeches but none of them was longer than 45 secs. however, I remembered an older video game called Far Cry 3 which has an iconic cutscene called the “definition of insanity.” which I really liked.

I also remembered all the iconic joker quotes and dialogues but almost all the good ones are under one minute. so I went to the next best thing which is Alfred’s speech “some men just want to watch the world burn” which I was also hyped about.

I couldn’t decide about between these two so I decided to experiment with the two.

in the end, I found that I was really into making the “definition of insanity” because I had a way clearer idea of what it would look like. I made a really rough storyboard with the major animations in the piece where I would just wing the stuff in between.