M&P-group process (1)

in our meeting we decided to combine some of our ideas. Samia watched the movie of sherlock to better understand the concept of deduction. so she came with ideas for clues in a crime scene. sara(god bless her) came up with an entire story for a murder scene investigation. me and amal had went to an adventure rooms thing on saturday so amal came up with the idea to make a puzzle where the space is littered with small clues that builds a bigger thing(which would be the answer)

this is sara’s original story:

Professor Gunders Is a professor in psychology , she’s 43 years old. She maintains decent health , although it as been reported that she has been suffering from mild vertigo in the last couple of months. She went through a rough divorce 4 years ago, reasons of the divorce remain unknown. Her children have not returned her calls in a long time. Gossip in her workplace suggest that it could be infidelity on her part. In university she is known to be a strict grader and professor. Some alumni from the college she works at still hold a strong grudge against her. She was found dead in her bathtub , with her wrist cut as she blood to death.

Notable clues:

– There are signs of chloroform around her lips.
– Her phone suggested that she was expecting a date at the same evening that she died.
– The autopsy suggests her vertigo was induced by pharmaceutical drugs, possibly blood pressure pills (despite that her blood pressure was normal prior to her death).
Murder ending :

if professor died class gets an A

the victim left handed = but the cut is also in her left hand

the cut in the right hand to think it’s a suicide but the direction of the knife it’s different .

but it makes the killer is left handed looking at the bathroom platform . the killer will rest her body in his left arm .

3 students lost their scholarship . all of the three emailed the professor begging her to fix their grades .

During the time of murder .

one is left handed and was doing an exam . ( exam was cancelled )
one is injured , working on the project
one was sick in the hospital

so then we started combining the idea and settled with creating the desk of the victim in sara’s story. where we would create a series of clues that lead to the killer.

we needed to rewrite the story to be good enough since we are trying to measure up to Arthur Conan Doyle. so we did a bit of research into detective riddles and actual real life murders. i suggested for them to watch a channel on youtube called “Rob Dyke” who is a guy who has a horror series called “serial killer files” where he talks about actual murderers (caught or not) without showing any gruesome images. but then sara got dizzy just thinking about it…

we went through these riddles below together to try to figure it out (we couldn’t) just to give us an idea on where to start…



Deconstruction of Sherlock (TV)

one of the first things i have thought about was Deduction. in the Sherlock series we get an approximate visualization of how sherlock’s mind works.. he starts by taking in the bigger picture, then going in to inspecting things a bit closer. drawing as many logical conclusions possible until he has enough information to draw a conclusion.


of course he keeps asking these deductions to build up a bigger picture. even though they might seem small and often personal it is still important to the bigger picture.

so basically deduction is basically gathering small puzzle pieces or ‘clues’ that give concrete reasoning to reach a complete logical conclusion.


this is a table a created during the class where we were introduced to the project. i think trying to find three activities for a certain audience was pretty difficult. especially since i wasn’t even that sure of what we were doing.

in the end i chose to go with a ” don’t eat the ducks in the park” sort of sign. my main audience is the foreigners in european countries. people who are not aware that it is not acceptable to take one of the parks ducks and kill it then cook it. even though that seems like an obvious thing to know an incident did happen a year back. when people of an arabic country filmed themselves cooking one of the parks ducks. you can find the article here: http://www.khaleejtimes.com/international/europe/gcc-tourists-stealing-cooking-ducks-in-europe


in the beginning when i thought we had to make “street signs” i was still struggling with HOW I’m going to represent a duck being stolen and then cooked. then i went with the approach of DONT eat the duck. however i still had the issue of audience. most of my signs were global and too abstract to understand by them. i tried to narrow down the meaning to certain actions that represents “eating” and “stealing” and i also tried represent “cooking.”


then i started to try to explore the categories of concrete, abstract, vernacular, global and local. however in my head i could clearly understand how well i made these and how easily i understood them. but after a critique it was hinted that what I’m doing might not be as clear as i thought it was, but instead of wasting time trying to find even more ways to represent a duck being eaten i decided to refine everything instead.


after refining one of them i tried to experiment with more “realistic” settings. but even that came out very abstract. unfortunately due to time limits i was unable to get feedback on the refined one and the experiment i did.


my attempts at making my refined sign more global and local.


i had an almost difficult time making a sentence using the words below, i was looking forward to something more interesting than obnoxious doors and scorched recipes. however, the most challenging part for me was not making the sentenced but the actual compositions. i set myself a goal to mostly try to break up the way to “traditionally” read a sentenced. while keeping the design creative.



everywhere: كل مكان

always: دائماً

backdoor: الباب الخلفي

recipe: وصفة

grapple: تعارك، تصارع، امسك

scorch: شوط، لذع، حرق

obnoxious: ، بغيض،مغث، يلوع الجبد

ill-tempered: سيئ الزاج

the ill tempered backdoor always obnoxiously grapples the scorched recipe everywhere.

an obnoxious recipe always scorched the ill tempered grappling backdoor everywhere.

everywhere the obnoxious grappling backdoor always scorches the ill tempered recipe.

surprisingly, the ill tempered recipe always grapples the obnoxious scorched backdoor everywhere!

according to the ill tempered backdoor, the scorched recipe always obnoxiously grappled everything, everywhere!

وفقاً للباب الخلفي ذو المزاج السئ دائماً، الوصفة المحروقة تتعارك ببغض مع كل شيء، في كل مكان!

i started my research focused on the mythology of Ireland and Qatar. then somehow combining them in an illustration. however as i went deeper into my research i sort of got into the legends of Finn McCool who was a legendary Irish warrior. thats when i started decided on working with war costume illustrations.

it was interesting to read about their legend but i found myself more caught up in designing the clothes the characters wore. however, i found myself at loss when i kept trying to put everything i learned in one illustration. thats why i took the suggestion of splitting them into three different outfits. each representing a different standing in an army. like an admiral, general and a foot soldier. as i started working more on the first character i found myself building a sort of place for that character in my head. but i didn’t think to do anything about it until i saw a seniors work. then i took another suggestion of creating nine characters instead of three, it sounded very tedious. but then i remembered that i can add characters that i have created before from a story that is similar to the context of the soldier i created. therefore i can help to bring them from my head to actual life. i think thats what pushed me to actually add every detail of each character that i had.


i used this chart to organize the info i found in my research.

my countries were so different that i almost didn’t find any similarities between them the only similarity i found is between Ireland and Russia where Russians are known for drinking vodka where Irish people were known for drinking in general.


some of the pictures i gathered for my research:


poster stuff١١.jpg

this was my final “draft” poster before the actual final one. i can clearly see the mistakes because it was actually very difficult to refine from what i had the last time. personally i had no idea what to do so i just followed the tips given from previous critiques. but that was still not working as i could not connect the objects i had before together better. so i ended up removing a lot of the objects and work only on things that i wanted to show. after i did that i felt i could actually breath while looking at the poster. it was easier from then on, but i can still see how i ended up centering everything. even though it was exactly the opposite of what i was going for, the Quran text is also almost invisible because i did not change it to another color. and the color in the symbol did not match the overall hue of blue. it was a tragedy but i can finally pinpoint exactly what i need to fix.