Sustainable packaging


to begin my journey in creating a sustainable package, i first had to pick a local product to use. i looked at spices and i looked at our homemade yoghurt drink. but in the end i chose my grandmothers special blend of tea.

i chose a metal container as they are least likely to be thrown away. dried food is sometimes thrown away without being used if it went bad so it also has an airlock mechanism which would help preserve dry food for a long time.

i was aiming for a 1940-1960s feel but in the end my design still looks modern. i tried to add some elements that i made by hand to enforce that feeling. the arabic type is done by hand, so was the illustration of the grandmother but as it stuck out too much i had to remake it using illustrator.


image3.JPGthe thing i found the hardest about brainstorming ideas for the keywords is actually picking something from the pages to work with. especially since i didn’t like most of what i came up with. also because i was really stressed out i ended up giving up after only a few prospective sketches.

figuring out how to represent it (with which medium) is also challenging because i want to keep everything interesting.