typography study

reflection on type

  • i think the most important lesson we had learned was the very first one with the letters. learning to look at them as shapes was easy but that wasn’t what it was all about. i also learned to look at the empty spaces and the abstract parts that make a shape whole. that was what helped me evolve the most. even in the next projects and other subjects


  • the sentence part was a bit confusing but thats where i got the most grasp on what i shouldn’t  do with a sentence. i started my experiments with how can i make the sentence be in the most unusual place but still be able to be read properly. of course i failed miserably but thanks to the tips the professors provided i just went further with the failed ones and fixed what could be fixed and changed what could be changed.


  • unfortunately i haven’t had an epiphany about type where i magically see what type wants from me. i just make as many informed decisions as i can and hope for the best. i can’t even trust the ‘feels right’ feeling anymore.


  • to me, a paragraph is a paragraph. i didn’t want to break away too much from that, so i just let myself focus on typing a paragraph correctly instead of attempting anything too crazy. i feel like all the “tricks” i learned to do with the sentences should stay with sentences only.


  • because i read a few books on my phone i tried to mimic the paragraph setup of those on my phone. i then realized that the program i use basically justifies the entire book to align to the left. with no space between paragraphs except a small indent at the beginning. which i realize now is horrible.


  • honestly, i felt that this class held a lot of useful information. stuff that i will most definitely be depending upon in the future. however i was one of the people who found it very tedious. but i do acknowledge that it is necessary.