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Kinetic Type – Final

I found that my video took many turns until it arrived in its final version. I think what really helped me was me spending a long time learning the camera and using 3D layers to make the movements in the text. By the end, I had a completely different start than the end, so I had to go back and turn the simpler animations I had and group it into the overall movements of the video. I believe that I really gave it my all on this project and I really enjoyed making the video(despite the frustration of the process.)

I had to abandon my storyboard (mostly) in the middle of the project only because as I was making it, everything was coming together without it. However, I still did use some of the main animations that I wanted to do.


Kinetic Type #2

I didn’t feel comfortable with the list of speeches I found and the only one I wanted to do (kill bill 2- Superman and Spiderman) is easily 2 mins long.

I realized that I know a couple of video games speeches but none of them was longer than 45 secs. however, I remembered an older video game called Far Cry 3 which has an iconic cutscene called the “definition of insanity.” which I really liked.

I also remembered all the iconic joker quotes and dialogues but almost all the good ones are under one minute. so I went to the next best thing which is Alfred’s speech “some men just want to watch the world burn” which I was also hyped about.

I couldn’t decide about between these two so I decided to experiment with the two.

in the end, I found that I was really into making the “definition of insanity” because I had a way clearer idea of what it would look like. I made a really rough storyboard with the major animations in the piece where I would just wing the stuff in between.

Kinetic Type #1

for the first two classes, I was trying to find a speech or dialogue that I really wanted to do. Unfortunately, I couldn’t think of anything off the top of my head so I looked up “best dialogues in movies.” the problem was that I either didn’t like the dialogue or that the movie was too old.

However, I did manage to dredge up a small list of possible dialogues.

-American History X“Hate is baggage.”

Kill Bill Vol. 2“Superman and Spider-Man…”

Do the Right Thing“Love and Hate.”

and also a poem from a book that I couldn’t find spoken out well.

-“once on a yellow piece of paper…” Stephen Chbosky, The Perks of Being a Wallflower



Film Posters – #2 and #3

I realized soon after showing my first draft posters that white space has a lot of significance in the anime. whether its “truth” or even the fact that the animes came from the manga which is in black and white. However, I still didn’t have any specific composition for Pragmatic, Poetic and Persuasive. so in order to get the flow going, I decided to create as many variations with all the content I’ve gathered and experiment with them.

then based on what I made I would decide what is what. then, I would narrow them down to three posters.

after this critique, I realized that a working system between my posters is the transmutation circle and the frame. so for my final posters, I decided to use both of them and incorporate them into “pragmatic” ” poetic” and “persuasive.”

after I got the critique I was trying to think of how to create something “persuasive” and something a bit more “pragmatic.” so I decided to use an actual picture of the characters. but in order to find one that is black and white, I would have to refer to the manga. which only exists as scans on the internet, which means that they are probably very low quality. which was apparent when we tiled our first posters. so in order to fix that I downloaded the image on my Ipad and made the image bigger, then I cleaned up the lines by hand using a Sketchbook program.

by then I was almost done with the posters and I was stuck with the last minute of deciding which to pick because I had too many.

I decided to to go with 2, 7 and 8. and print the rest of the posters as A3 to provide options for my “persuasive” poster.

after the last critique, I only had minor changes to do but everyone liked poster no. 3 better than 8. so I decided to go with that one. especially after realizing that it didn’t make much sense to promote the anime as a sad movie.

these are the final posters that I ended up with.


Film Posters – #1

Fullmetal Alchemist

Two brothers seek to find the philosopher’s stone to fix their mistake but are shocked to find themselves in the middle of a plan that had been set in motion hundreds of years ago.

The main theme of the series is Equivalent Exchange which is something that is proven false by the end of the series. Another one is brotherly love. Seeking to find the ‘truth’. One for all and all for one.

Plot points

  • Edward and Alphonse Elric lose their mom
  • they try to transmute her back using their father’s books on Alchemy
  • it goes wrong and Ed loses a leg and Al loses his entire body. Ed then sacrifices his arm to attach his brother’s soul to a metal armor.
  • Ed decides to find the philosopher stone under the guise of working for the military.
  • they find out the secret of how Philosophers stones are made.
  • after a series of tragic events, Al gets turned into a philosopher stone.
  • Dante tries to use Al to transfer to a younger body
  • Ed fights Envy and Dies
  • Alphonse sacrifices himself and brings ed back
  • ed comes back and passes through the gate in exchange for Alphonse
  • alphonse comes back as an 8-year-old with no memory and Ed passes over to our word.

Sentimental Concepts

  • Eds Sacrifice – brotherly love
  • burning down their house – symbolizing never going back
  • paying for your sins

Practical Concepts

  • seeking immortality
  • the law of equivalent exchange.
  • the reign of military
  • Racism and prejudices


Sustainable packaging


to begin my journey in creating a sustainable package, i first had to pick a local product to use. i looked at spices and i looked at our homemade yoghurt drink. but in the end i chose my grandmothers special blend of tea.

i chose a metal container as they are least likely to be thrown away. dried food is sometimes thrown away without being used if it went bad so it also has an airlock mechanism which would help preserve dry food for a long time.

i was aiming for a 1940-1960s feel but in the end my design still looks modern. i tried to add some elements that i made by hand to enforce that feeling. the arabic type is done by hand, so was the illustration of the grandmother but as it stuck out too much i had to remake it using illustrator.


Type poster process

my first attempt at putting everything together:


the first thing i noticed after printing was that white type is not working on the “backyard” that i chose, another obvious thing was that the type size is way to big for what should be an A1 poster…

then the professors gave me a few suggestions on where i could put the text and i realized that the pink blanket is a really nice place to put type(with a box)


this was my tiled poster attempt. i wanted to make my type flow with the drapery of the blanket. for the logo i tried to follow what was told to my classmates and aligned it with the crochet hook.

it was pointed out then that the text is not actually with the drapery and that the logo would look better in a higher contrasted place. i also noticed that i ended up putting everything on the bottom of the poster so i wanted to diverge from that.


for my final poster i fixed the “going with the grain” thing and placed my logo in the darkest place on the picture. i also tried to balance it with the yarn ball by placing the rest of the type on the right of it instead of the left. because when i tried it on the left it looked too “tucked in”.